I caved.  I gave T-Rex his Bink again.  I had one in each vehicle that I had completely forgotten about until yesterday afternoon.  It was going on Day 3 of no-naps-for-Bear and I was losing my mind, and he was only a few steps behind me.  In his sleep-deprived little head, every little thing was worthy of a full-on meltdown.  He'd been sleeping in our bed again at night, too.  The straw that broke this momma's back was his fingers.  I noticed that he's been sucking his pointer and middle fingers.  He's not just sucking them at night or during nap time, when he typically had access to The Bink, but all the time.  He's cutting molars, so I know he's probably chewing on them as well, but he didn't do that when he had his Binkie at night and during nap time…  So, I ran to the car in a moment of madness, and retrieved his Beloved Bink.  Don't you know that kid walked into his room willingly (after 45 minutes of picking him up and putting him back in his bed, crying, screaming, and all out madness), crawled into his bed, pulled up his blankets and went right to sleep?  I guess it was the right call…  My biggest concern was him taking the baby's pacifier, but I guess we'll just use another kind.  He's only 2 and he only uses it in his bed…  So it's not that bad…  is it? 

I am also happy to report that Kili is doing great.  She weighs about 14 ounces right now, which is on the smaller side of normal.  We got some cute profile shots of her, so I will post those later, too. 

*Day 3: Today I am grateful for the differences my husband brought to our relationship.