I just realized we've not had a family portrait since before T-Rex was born.  So, despite our serious need to stop spending money we don't have, I booked a session for us at JC Penney's.  I am a Portrait Club Member, so no sitting fees, and I printed a coupon on-line so that all our portrait sheets will only be $3.99.  In the past, I've always gotten enough to mail to friends and family, so this time, there will only be enough for us, but still…  I just felt really bad when I thought that we'd never have a nice portrait as a quad.  It felt like I was slightly T-Rex somehow if our family portraits went from Mommy, Daddy, Mega; to Mommy, Daddy, Mega, T-Rex, and Kili.  So yeah…  That happens tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow morning we have our routine 20-week ultrasound.  While last week's was for fun ONLY, I am hoping this one turns out to be the same.  We declined the AFP test because 1.) they told us T-Rex had Trisomy 21 (Down's Syndrome) and I remember the next 2-3 weeks being agony.  Not because we were thinking about "termination" but because it was more tests and unknowns.  This time, we know we wouldn't change a thing, so if there is a 'problem,' it will still be there when she's born and we'll all go on.  So let's just keep our bits crossed for cute pictures and good news.   

Gratitude, Day 2: Today I am grateful for my diagnosis with Celiac Disease.  While I may gripe and complain a lot, for a chronic, never-going-to-go-away condition, it really isn't that bad.  For one, it's pretty easily managed.  I say easily now thinking about how much I'd really like to go to The Cheesecake Factory and chow down, but really, it's a very simple choice.  I can either eat gluten-free foods and feel better than I have as long as I can remember, or I can eat the foods that I remember as superior tasting, and feel horrible all the time, and meanwhile, damaging my internal organs and turning my insides to inflammed, useless mush.  Hmm…  Decisions, decisions…  For another, while it affects my every day life, it's not like I can't go to theme parks, or long car rides, or fly, or anything like that.  It just means I have to plan a little better than most - I have to pack plenty of food because 9 times out of 10, when I get where I am going, there won't be anything for me to eat besides a salad, and even then, I can't bank on the dressing.  So for all my complaining, I am grateful to finally know what has literally been eating me alive for the past 8 years or more.