Now that we know we're having a girl, we both want to just run through Babies R' Us, and click our way through Amazon and fill up that room!  If we had the money, I think we'd actually do it, but it's a bit easier to exercise restraint when the 2 credit cards you have are within $100.00 of their limits, eh? 

     My mom looked up the official rules of ettiquette for repeat baby showers, and apparently, they are acceptable now, especially if your baby is a different gender than what you've had previously.  That's our case for sure, but it also says the shower should focus on essentials.  I think that will be very easy considering we got rid of EVERY THING infant-related after we were told that another baby would more than likely cause an over-all systems-failure in my body and we had a very good chance of losing not only me, but the baby as well.  It broke our hearts to see all the tiny things we'd never use again, so we passed them along to friends and family, or got what we could for them on E-Bay and used the money for the boys's savings account.  When we had T-Rex, I wanted to have a shower more to have people get together and celebrate our second baby more than anything.  I think I'd like that this time, too.  

     *sigh*  It won't be easy passing up all those cute girl clothes I can actually use now, but I have to do it.  No outfit is worth paying an over-the-limit fee, or havign to decide between the outfit or another gallon of milk.  So for now, we shall maintain our composure and resist the temptation to go hogwild on the pink sides of the stores.  :-)