I did it!  I finally wore DH down and we're getting the 3D/4D ultrasound done THIS SATURDAY!  We get our second glimpse of the Jelly Bean, only this time, we get to find out if Ybab is a boy or girl!  I can't friggin' wait!  I've been cruising around on-line and I found some cute boy stuff.  I won't lie and say I'm not hoping for a girl, but honestly, I am happy either way.  We weren't supposed to be able to have another baby, so either way, it's a blessing and I am more than willing to take what's been given.  If it's a boy, we like this nursery theme.  If it's a girl, we're going with this one.  I'm so excited!  I think even more so because this is totally elective – when we've had them done in the past, there's always been a medical indication (you know, like not being able to find a heart beat at 26+ weeks, or not feeling the baby move in 24+ hours after 24 weeks, etc.).  I still have my routine 20 week ultrasound, so we get to see Jelly Bean again, but by then, Jelly Bean may have an actual name!!!  If Ybab is a girl, we have a name already, and no, we're not telling ANYONE until she is born.  If it's a boy, we have no clue.  We'd like to stick to our pattern – Irish first name ending in -an.  I can think of only 2 that meet that criteria and DH doesn't like either.  That would be too easy, wouldn't it?  So, if you know of any good strong Irish names that end in -an, send 'em my way!  I'll definitely be posting pictures Saturday evening!  I can't wait!!!