While everything is fresh in my mind, I figured I'd get it down.  T-Rex is off the charts.  The child is exceptionally bright.  As parents, I think most of us feel that our children are special, but it's always nice to hear from "those who know."

For cognitive abilities, he averages 36 months old.  He's 28 months.  He can problem solve, build more complex objects, and complete tasks well above his typical age group. 

For gross motor skills, he averages 33 months.  He can jump with both feet leaving the ground, jump off things (like a curb, I wouldn't let him jump from the roof, ya'll), and walk backwards, among other things.

For language and communication skills, he's 38 months old.  He completes 5-6+ word sentences, expresses his needs and wants, shows appropriate emotional responses, and interprets body language, facial expressions, and the moods of those around him.

Socially, he also ranks among 33-36 month olds.  He shows wariness of strangers, but warms to them quickly.  He is eager to impress new people.  He is very affectionate with those he is comfortable with, and adapts very well to new environments.  He is also not easily daunted by a group of people, and is still willing to continue normally with his activities.

For fine motor skills, we had some misses.  He doesn't color circles, or draw straight lines, but seems to possess the ability; it seems that he's simply not interested in coloring that way, and so he chooses to draw in more zig-zag patterns.  He doesn't normally drink from an open cup, but again, he can.  He usually doesn't because the cats are insane and no matter where you leave a cup, it will get knocked over.  They recommended cups with lids and straws, so we'll be moving toward those in the next week – he can also drink from a straw, so again, nothing concerning, just something they noted.  He does hold crayons well, builds things with small blocks, and can utilize smaller, more complex toys appropriately.  For this category, he was "behind" because of the coloring and cups issue, so they put him at 22 months.  It still did not qualify him for services because, 1.) he can do those things, but chooses not to, and 2.) it's the only area he's "lacking" and children must be 25% or more behind in 2 developmentall areas.  

So overall, our baby is well above his peers.  All 3 evaluators were very impressed and said he was absolutely delightful to be around.  Again, something we already knew, but it's always nice to hear from someone else.  I am am just glad we know for sure that nothing is "wrong" with him, and that he's developing normally.  I'm just glad it's over with!