I finished "The Stand" just a few minutes before midnight last night.  It took me about a month to wade through the extended version, which included over 1100 pages.  Had I not spent 4 days in bed, I've no doubt it would have taken me another 2 weeks to finish it.  None the less, I am done. 

The character development was excellent.  The story line was very believable.  I just hated that of the 1100+ pages, it ended in 50.  You have all this great build-up and then…  WHAMMO!  It's all over!  I did like that at least the ending was open – not all tied up with a neat little bow.  I still had a few questions as to why things had to end the way they did, but even the questions made things believable, I suppose.

All in all, glad I read it, but not something I will probably read again, like I typically do with my Stephen King books.