We're back to the Zofran.  I really thought things were getting better, but thanks to a 104 fever and post-nasal drip, I've not been able to keep down anything all day, and combined with the 10-pound weight loss, eyebrows are being raised.  At this point, I admit my nutrition is seriously lacking.  We finally got clearance for a GF prenatal vitamin (turns out my original was GF all along, but no one understood what I was asking until I finally asked to talk to someone else!), but what good does that even do when you can't keep it down?  We're approaching 16 weeks and it's still not letting up, so at this point, I think I've tried hard enough to stick it out.  The midwives I see don't like to give it out, so I know they wouldn't suggest it "just because."  I also haven't really been complaining about it because I figured for me, it just came with the territory, so it's not as though it were offered to "shut me up," either.  Whatever.  I'm trying to convince myself that it's okay to take the damn drug.  Who knows much energy and patience I would have if I could go even a single day without throwing up, or turning my nose up at 90% of my food?!  If I could eat the things I wanted to, I guarantee I'd be on perfect track for weight gain…  But who wants to eat when all you can think about is what it will be like to re-visit those garlic mashed potatoes in 25 minutes?  Any takers?  Yeah, I thought not…  So as of this afternoon, I will start back on the Zofran and hope it works as wonderfully as it did the last time.  *cheers*

PS – T-Rex spent ANOTHER night in our bed, so your truly is also sporting some lovly sore spots after yet another night of trying to avoid not only crushing him, but his flailing octopus-like appendages.  *sigh*