• We picked up the car today.  $2995.00 in total repairs.
  • The rental car cost $273.00, so combined, we managed to stay under $3500.00 which was a very good thing.
  • T-Rex's pediatrician found nothing wrong with him other than congestion.  She suggested elevating the head of his bed and giving him some Tylenol at bedtime.  Let's hope the kid gets some good sleep tonight, poor little dude.
  • Nae is flying somewhere over the country right now.  I managed not to cry in front of her, but as soon as I got in the car and rolled up the window…  Niagara Falls, Frankie.
  • If I cough one more time, I might die.  Seriously, it feels like someone took a baseball bat to my torso.  I am totally over this nasty cough and the scratchy throat.  It's the kaka, I tell you.
  • Mega has 5 days of school this month.  5 days people.  Good grief.