So…  When they got into DH’s car, they found that the timing belt had gone, and took with it some pins in the engine.  Hyundai, apparently, is a zero tolerance motor and when something goes wrong, it apparently takes other things down with it.  We’re talking $3000 to $3500, assuming they get in there and just those pins, the oil pan (which was the original reason we brought it in) and that timing belt are the only things that went tits-up.  So here’s the problem…  In excellent condition, the car is worth $5000.  Is it worth it to put $3500 into it and hope nothing else ever happens?  In order to do so, we’d have to max out our last credit card, leaving us no safety net…  Or, should be re-finance the loan for the van, cut our payments in half and try to buy another vehicle that would put our payments where they were before? In order to do that, we would just continue making the barely-over-minimum payments that we’re currently making on both credit cards…

So which is the lesser of two evils??

Which is the best option?
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