I voted this morning.  I escaped the 2-2.5 hour wait only because after standing for 25 minutes, I started to go down…  as in, I greyed out on the parking lot curb.  EMTs were called, I was asked if I cared to or felt that I could still vote, and after a thorough inspection, blood sugar, blood pressure, and a slew of questions, the EMTs escorted me to my booth.  I cast my ballot and then they did round 2 of their inspection to clear me to drive the whole mile home.  Superb!

     Anyway, in the next 24 hours, America will have her new president-elect.  I already know who it will be, as I am sure many of you do.  Obama will become President even if he doesn't win.  Why?  Voter/Election fraud and the help of an out-dated electoral college.  Half the nation will be celebrating while the other half weeps and probably prays.  But in a few months, we will all be in the same position: we will all be brought to our knees. 

     It's great to have a vision of greatness and success, but it is quite another to allow that vision to blind you to the reality of the situation and what would need to go into making that vision a reality.  I am sincerely hoping we are not in a downward spiral which will take decades to recover from…