I get that if we didn't think our way was the best way, we'd try something else.  What I don't get is when someone else presents their way and certain people always feel the need to belittle or be condescending.  If it works for you, great.  Maybe there is a damn good reason why that wouldn't work for me.  Maybe I just never thought about it that way, and your way would be better for me.  That doesn't give you the right to trample all over me and make me feel as though I am beneath you. 

          If I present a dilemma or problem to a group of peers or people whom I respect, I am expecting to get suggestions that are not only helpful, but respectful in return.  I don't expect to see, "Well that's just dumb.  Why not try ________?"  I'm not expecting to see, "Well that's just being lazy.  You should do it this way _________."  Not only are you not being helpful, you're ignoring what I asked you to do, and you're being destructive.   

          What happened to just being able to enjoy being helpful?  Is it really necessary to make me feel 2 inches tall because you had a solution I didn't?  Isn't it enough to just smile and say, "I helped someone today."?  What happened to that?