After about 3 months of a playroom whose walls were covered by Kilz and nothing else, we finally decided on a color scheme.  The wall with the fireplace will be roughly the color or Behr's "Cornerstone."  The opposing wall will be Behr's "Gulf Winds," and the two adjacent walls (the walls with the big window and the door) will be Behr's "Rejuvenation."  I'm not normally an adventurous interior designer, but finding colors to match the brick while not overhwelming me or underwhelming me was harder than I thought.  The blue and green in a suggested scheme, but not quite the shades we chose.  We altered it to better suit the brick fireplace.  I hope it comes out the way it looks in my head…  Or better.  That would be super.  It would really suck to be stuck with colors I don't really care for…  We'll see!  Pictures when we're done!