While I want to, today I'm not blogging about anything political.  I an beginning to obsess over it, and as it aldready consumes my dreams and nearly every waking thought, I need to distance myself from it all and the stress it brings.  Today it's all about my babies. 

Mega Man is now in his 3rd week of pre-school.  He loves it.  He has brought home several projects and has been very proud of all of them.  His first day, it was a macaroni necklace just for me.  I admit, it made me all warm and fuzzy.  The next project was alphabet soup – construction paper letters glued to another piece of paper that had a circle on it for the bowl.  That was just for Daddy.  He seems to be processing all the new stimulus very well.  Socks and clothing are still an issue, but when I explain that he can't go to school naked, he usually gets it together pretty quickly.  The first day I went to pick him up, I squatted to get down on his level and explain it was time to go, and he hit me in the face.  Hard.  It took every ounce of strength I had not to pick him up, throw him over my shoulder, and march him to the van.  That was rough, but now it's usually just a yell about how going home is no fun…  Lovely, eh?

T-Rex is a handful.  He is making up for Mega Man's lack of Terrible Two's. While Mega had some rough patches, he was very mild; T-Rex is making sure we're not missing out on any of those experiences by working over-time to make sure we get them all with him.  Temper tantrums, talking back, and screaming have become common in our house.  It sucks, but he's usually over it very quickly, so at least he's not dragging it out for 20-30 minutes like I have seen some children do.  While his behavior is not something we're terribly proud of, it's also very well within the normal scope for his age, and we don't let him get away with it.  We explain that he's behaving inappropriately, tell him what is acceptable, and put him in time out.  When the time out is over, we remind him why he was there, and what he could do in the future to avoid the time out.  *shrug*  It keeps us from feeling impotent, and he does seem to be catching on that time-out sucks.  Overall, he's still a very sweet little boy.  I've noticed that he isn't as fond of having his hair tossled as he was a few months ago, but he's still very willing to give a hug or let Mommy kiss his cheek.  I am sure the day will come when even those things are a hassle, but I hope he at least lets me get away with it every once in a while…

The Jelly Bean is still incognito.  Not a bump in sight.  In fact, I wore my regular jeans yesterday…  It kinda' made me sad, but I keep thinking about how huge I got with the boys and am trying to be thankful that even if I get huge this time, at least I started out smaller.  I have another appointment the second week of November, so until then, it's not like I'll know much of anything new.  I think we're going to skip the AFP test.  For us, we've already decided it wouldn't change anything – we're not the aborting or adoption type, and while we might have time to prepare for a difficulty, I just think it would means months of worry for me, and not necessarily preparation.  We did it the first two times and I remember being in agony awaiting the results.  T-Rex came back with a positive for Down's Syndrome and we had to have a follow-up ultrasound down, but had to wait an additional 2 weeks.  It was awful.  I knew it wouldn't make a difference for us – that the love and every thing else would be the same, but I wondered about how everyone else would receive him.  I don't want to go through that again.  Whatever will be, will be.  Hang in there, Jelly Bean!