I don't believe in helping those who refuse to help themselves.  There are certain people, who shall remain nameless that I think of at least once a week that make me seethe… While they're sitting at home, collecting a check, my husband and I are cutting coupons and keeping our kids at home just to be able to afford the cheapest pre-K in the area.  While they're guaranteed food by those lovely little stamps, I've got to check and re-check my grocery list for "necessities" "niceties" and "only if we're rolling in it."  While they're guaranteed a roof over their heads by Section-8, I'm making a single tank of gas last a month in the van and no longer wearing make-up to help eke out a little extra for the mortgage.  I'm not talking about people who use the system as it was intended – as a temporary helping hand while they regain financial independence.  I'm talking about lifers who don't deserve such status.  If you're mentally or physically incapable of caring for yourself should we just institutionalize you, or leave you to your own devices?  Of course not.  I understand that not all families can accept that life-long responsibility, and that some families that can, won't.  If the condition was not of the person's making (ie. Down Syndrome, severe schizophrenia, etc.), they shouldn't be abandoned by those of us who can care for ourselves and others.  If you're a former junkie who can't keep a job because you can't focus for more than 30 seconds and your neurons are totally fried, I don't want to support you for the rest of your life because you made some "poor decisions."  If you chose to get pregnant multiple times and keep your child every time, I shouldn't have to support programs for health care for your kids, and contribute my taxes to your kids' public education, and their food stamps because you can't work long or hard enough to do those things yourself.  If you're the type of person to sabotage every interview you get, or purposefully get fired from every job you land, I shouldn't have to support you.

I don't like helping those who refuse to help themselves…  it's one of the biggest reasons I can't get behind a Democrat and it's one of the biggest reasons I think our current taxing system needs to be reformed.  Too many people who didn't earn it are spending DH's hard-earned money while our own family makes cut-backs just to enjoy a very moderate standard of living.  Our work.  Our money.  I'll help those who help themselves, not every lazy bastard asking for a free ride.