I keep thinking about the housing market thing…  I get that banks over-extended credit to make some of the home loans that are now in trouble, or have that gone under in recent months.  I get that some banks went under because they took on too many risky loans and that some people were screwed in that process.  What I can't help but think is that some people deserved it.

Now, maybe I am the most evil soul on the planet, but I just figured if DH and I borrowed several hundred thousand dollars, and got to live in a home before it was even somewhat repaid, we would be expected to pa the full amount back…  Not what we could when we could.  I just sort of thought that taking out a loan that size meant we had better be damn good and sure we could make that payment every month and still have the money to keep power and water going, and food on the table.  Maybe it's just me, but I know damn well the house I DREAMED OF was not the house I could afford, and so we went for the house we knew would keep us safe, that we COULD love, and that we could afford.  If we had been told we could buy a home for $350,000.00, I would have laughed in the loan officer's face. I may not be able to break down month-by-month interest rates over a 30-year period to an exact figure, but I can figure out that those payments are way out of our range.  I'll admit we don't have much cushion each month right now, but when we got hit with a cell phone bill that was double what it usually was, we paid it…  Not on credit but out of the checking account, in full.  We were limping along for the next two weeks, but every thing still got paid.  I wouldn't have accepted any mortgage offered without that cushion.  You never know what will happen…

So what made all these other people forget their responsibilities, or made them think they could write those monthly checks?  Did they really just not get it?  Why should my taxes and my government now bail them out?  I've been paying my mortgage on time so do I earn a few months' worth of payments off?  Why should the helping hand be extended for poor decisions, but those of us who maybe didn't go all out and made a better investment call, don't get squat?

If the people who accepted ARM loans and mortgages they knew damn well they couldn't afford are going to be helped, those of us who have been breaking our backs to make ends meet certainly "deserve" a share, too.  Don't you think?