Dh took the boys camping this weekend.  It's now been more than 24 hours since I have seen my babies…  It's…  odd.  The only other time I have gone that long without seeing them is for a birth…  I talked to them last night.  As soon as I heard T-Rex's little voice, I teared up.  "Mommy!  Wook at dat moon!"  T-Rex told me all about the turtle they saw and how it hurt itself pulling into its shell so quickly.  It was a little hard to follow, but when Mega's turn came, he cleared up a few things.  He told me all about hiking, the turtle, and the fire.  The fire was his favorite part, of course.  I'm not a "camping" kinda' girl, but it did make me wish I was out there.  The whole point was to have some down time to myself, though, and it was nice…  But it was far more lonely than I thought it would be, too.  Of course, I couldn't even sleep in.  I woke up at 7:15, around the same time Mega creeps into my room every morning and after that, just tossed and turned.  That made me miss them even more.  They should be on their way home by now, so I only have a few more hours to drive myself crazy…  Whew!