I did my part to stimulate the economy today.  I started my Christmas shopping and made some massive progress.  The house was entirely too quiet with the absence of all 3 boys, so I decided to make myself useful and knock out some holiday obligations shopping.  I've got to find another thing or two for T-Rex, my father-in-law, and it would be nice if one more thing jumped out at me for my mom and step-dad, but aside from that, I am completely done!  I usually aim for Thanksgiving, but it wouldn't bother me a bit to be done by Halloween!

Did I mention that it's too quiet around here?  I even tried reading and it was just…  eerie.  I always say I need a break from the boys, but as soon as they're gone, I'm left wondering what to do with myself.  Of course, I could do things like clean the house but that might make me pass out, so obviously, that's out of the question.  *snicker*  I did enjoy my shower…  No rush…  Just warm water and sheer bliss.  I also enjoyed my GF pizza – no one was asking me for a bite and I even took the time to make a little garlic butter sauce for dipping the crust – divine! 

Whew…  This being alone stuff is HARD.  I guess I  should be off to do something productive.  The gifts have already been wrapped and stashed away, and now I must find something else to busy myself with.  *hmmm*