I am going to step back and get back to my center.  But really, I am.  I need to.  I have too many things going on in my head right now and I'm damn tired.  I'm annoyed at the fact that I can't stand at the sink long enough to complete a load of dishes, let alone take my babies to the park without passing out in front of them.  I know my blood pressure isn't going to elevate if I relax, but perhaps I can tune in more and get some warning before I pass out.  Either way, this whole passing out thing has got to stop.  I don't mind feeling not-so-strong all the time.  I just hate that it seems like everyone can tell.  *wrinkles nose*  I can't stand when people think I need help.  It makes me feel…  well, helpless.  I like being in control and making the things I want to happen, happen.  So perhaps my search for my center should involve the relinquishment of a bit of control, as well…  *sigh*