I might be gettin' me a full-time job without havin' to give up muh' doula-in'!  A friend of mine runs an in-home daycare that she has asked me to join.  She would like to take on more kids, but needs more hands to make that happen.  It would mean the boys get regular social interaction, Mega remains in school 3 days a week, and if I had to leave for a few hours for a birth, my husband can just scoop up our boys on his way home.  Her house is actually closer to most of the hospitals I serve, and it also saves me from having to drive over there to drop them off! 

I'm almost too scared to hope, but I tell you…  It would rescue us.  I'd finally be able to put some back into savings to re-build our almost-non-existant financial cushion.  How rad would that be?  My peace of mind alone would be AWESOME!

So yeah, if you could keep your bits crossed, it'd be much appreciated!