I went shopping for winter clothes today.  Original price: $450.50 before taxes.  After sale prices, $243.30 before taxes.  Total amount paid, thanks to a friend with GymBucks and a willingness to share the wealth: $134.14.  Mega Dukes now needs another pair of pants or two, and he's set for the season!

          When I came home, there was an E-mail.  I got recommended by a midwife at My Favorite Place to Attend Births!  Woot!  Even if the other potential doula wins, it's so awesome to know that they're referring me!!!  I'm totally stoked!!!

          Now off we go to Mega Man's Open House.  We get to turn in our vaccine waiver and get his schedule.  *sniffle*  He's growing up so damn fast, ya'll!  Wish us luck!  It seems like this is our lucky day, so maybe we can make it through the whole evening without a meltdown!!!