We're expecting our third child.  For some reason, that tends to make people's jaws drop.  Yes, I will only be 25 by the time this baby arrives.  Yes, I will have 3 children under the age of 5.  Yes, I am tired and would like to have a few months without diapers.  There are a million other questions I get asked where I will honestly answer in the affirmative and most people receive it as a negative.  But you know something?  My family rocks

I know you can't keep the lights on with love, but when you love someone enough, you work hard to keep those lights on.  In a way, yes, you can keep the lights on and the fridge full, and the car running, and the house standing with love.  My children may want for some things, but they will NEED nothing.  Our oldest has his Pre-K open house tomorrow, and somehow, depsite having to cut back the month before we decided he really did need to go just to pay the bills on time, I found the money to pay his tuition.  Our current youngest, soon to be the middle child, has a sensitive little butt and can only handle Pampers friggin' wipes, and yet somehow, I manage to keep that in the budget for him.  Somehow, despite recovering from damage caused by an undiagnosed auto-immune disease that wreaked havoc on my liver, kidneys, and heart, I am still able to carry a healthy baby and my body continues to rebuild itself at the same time. Somehow, despite most days being an evil bitch, my husband still loves and whole-heartedly supports me.  Somehow, despite him being gone a lot in the past, and aggravating the crap out of me in the present, I still love and whole-heartedly support him.  What other strengths do you really need?  

We work hard to pay our mortgage and utility bills on time, and in full.  Our taxes are current.  Our vehicles are in good condition, well maintained, and their taxes and other fees are also up-to-date.  Our animals are all healthy and with good vet records.  My children have a backyard to retreat to.  They have a playroom for rainy days that's fully stocked with an easel to paint, stamp, draw, and color on, as well a computer, learning toys, and toys they can just be silly with.  They've got books enough to fill more shelves than I do, and yes, they all get read in turn.  My babies have clothes to fit them and keep them cool in the Summer and warm in the winter.  They've got food to nourish them, and keep their bellies satisfied.  They've got parents who adore them, and are protective as all get-out, and friends and extended family who would do anything for them. 

So maybe you can't see why we thought having a third would be a wonderful addition to our family, but you know what?  I don't care.  It used to bother me when people gave me "those looks," but now I feel sorry for them.  If all you can see is a young family whom you assume is taking advantgae of Welfare or whatever else, I truly feel sorry for you.  It's a shame you've never known young people willing to work hard for the things they want and need.  It's a shame you've never known young people who could be good providers, hard workers, and compassionate beyond their years.  How limited your experiences must be to assume that because of my age, I cannot be a mother as tender, caring, educated, and knowledgeable as yourself. 


Yes, I am ecstatic that I am carrying our third child.  I am still in awe that this body that's been so beaten up lately is now turning itself around and not only repairing and caring for itself, but is nurturing and creating this entirely new human being!  I am amazed at the love and support my husband offers on a daily basis.  I am overwhelmed by my love for and from my children, and truly thankful for every day I get to spend watching them grow into young people.  This third baby is going to be a tremendous blessing to this family, and I am so glad this baby is on it's little way…  No matter how anyone else may care to see it.