I keep hearing about a huge recession coming because of the Wall Street crash, but honestly, I'm not as frightened as I thought I would be.  For one, we've been pinching pennies from day one.  We've gotten better at it, and the belt has continued to tighten throughout DH and I's entire married lives.  We've never known a day when we could buy whatever we wanted without really thinking about what it would cost us in interest later on, or what we wouldn't be able to purchase later on…    So yeah, this whole predicted economic meltdown is scary, but I can't be scared.  I can't.  If I get scared, I panic.  When I panic, I don't think straight and make good decisions.  I can't afford to make those bad call with my family's money.  So yeah, the predicted economic crisis terrifies me…  But we can't afford to be terrified.  So, fuck you recession!  My family will survive!!!