I am not going to ask myself or The Force or anyone else why someone has something.  I won't ask the person or people, myself, or anyone/thing else what they did to deserve this seemingly great thing.  I won't ask why karma appears to be giving them a blessing far greater than they could possibly deserve.  I will accept that it has a purpose I know nothing of, and there is a plan far greater than my simple need to order and understand the world around me.

Just for today I will not become angry when people assume that they have learned more simply because they have lived a few more years.  I will listen with an open mind and a receptive heart, and allow any subtle condescension to pass right by me. 

Just for today I will love my physical body.  I will remind myself of all that it has done well, all that it has overcome to allow the nuturing of two phenomenal little boys, and a very welcome, though as yet unknown third party.  I will remind myself that it has been through more than its fair share, and yet it has not completely given up on me.  I will remind myself that as I continue to nurture myself, it will continue to nourish my baby as well as me.

Just for today I will not permit myself to see a potential disaster of my boys' making, but will see only their ingenuity, cleverness, and ability to work together to achieve a goal.  I will explain why their endeavor is dangerous without punishing.  I will hug them, explain that their gifts are being noticed, and very much appreciated, and direct them to something more productive and less potentially harmful. 

Just for today…  I will love.  I will not condemn or bear a grudge.  I will love without question, without anticipation of reciprocation, and without an end.  Today I will love.