Yesterday's visit with the pediatrician was not all I'd hoped and dreamed.  The exam was fine – Mega is only in the 10th percentile for his height, and 20th for weight.  That's where he's always been, so it's nothing scary for us.  DH and I are not big people – I'm 5'2" on a good day, and he's 5'8".  Nothing else was physically wrong – no hernias or lumps, bulges, or other oddities.  What upset me was our discussion about his sensory issues.


          For a while, I have been wondering if he's really been getting better.  He seemed to be improving by leaps and bounds, and I thought for sure this would be something he outgrew after all!  Shortly after he turned 3, some of his progress became less apparent.  It seemed as though he was regressing.  Some of the old symptoms remained resolved, but other, less easily dealt with symptoms became apparent.  I couldn't figure out if it was just his age, or if it was really sensory integration issues…  I just figured I'd do what I had always done and see how things went…

          Then when it came up today, that changed.  As we discussed the things that I was concerned about, the conversation shifted.  A few of the things were determined to be typical 3 year old behaviors.  Others were extreme reactions, even for a very intelligent, highly articulate 3 year old.  Before the end of the appointment, we decided an evaluation by an occupational therapist would be highly beneficial.  Mega's pediatrician is pretty certain, as am I, that Mega will need some OT in order to remain in public schools without being labeled a "discipline case," but the eval is the first step.


          I used to dread having a "label" put on my baby.  Now that we're facing it, if it gives him the tools he needs to process and integrate the world around him, so be it.  It just breaks my heart to think that some people will not look beyond the label.  Some people will not see the intelligent, bright, caring little boy who just happens to have some issues processing all the things the world throws at him.  If only the world could see every child through a mother's eyes…  *sigh*

          So today I start making my phone calls.  I have to get in touch with our Health Benefits Adviser to see what is covered automatically and what is considered a "specialty."  I have to find out if OT is something we can only do at a designated facility, or if we can arrange to have it done in our home where Mega is most comfortable, and where, I believe, he will be most successful.  I have so many questions and while I know it will take time, I can't wait for the answers…  It seems like an eternity already.