I'm not good at keeping secrets.  I mean, if you tell me something, I can keep my mouth shut, but when it comes to my own stuff, fuhgetaboutit.  I'll take out a roadside billboard if you let me.  I think that's part of the reason I love me some bloggin' action…  But I digress.

          Back to my secrets.  If something made you happy, but you thought it might make a friend sad, would you tell them right away or wait a little bit to try to soften the blow?

          If you knew something about someone else that would make other people cringe, would you tell them?  Let's say this piece of information makes someone that people think is a saint look more like OJ Simpson…  Would you tell or let them find out on their own?

          If your best friend told you something that made you sick, would you keep it to yourself?  Would it change how you looked at him/her?

         Secrets suck.  I don't like keeping other people's because it makes me feel like some sort of wicked accomplice.  I don't like keeping my own because I figure it's gonna come out sooner or later, and I'd rather you hear my version than anyone else's…