Did I tell you about the 50 gallon tank springing a leak on my brand new carpet?  I can’t remember and I am too lazy to search.  In case I didn’t…  A while ago we got a 50 gallon fish tank from DH’s family’s attic.  We set it up and about 2 weeks later, the day AFTER we put fish in it, we awoke to squishy carpet.  I think we all know how  fun that was.  Luckily, we didn’t stock the entire tank and was able to put the fish in a 2 gallon mini-bow.  We had one male and female guppy.  As of last night, we have eight lives guppies.  Pretty sweet.

          I got the boys’ pictures taken today.  Last time, Bear was about 9-10 months old, and they were both super-cooperative.  This time, Bear is 2, Mega is 3.5, and they kicked and screamed the whole time.  Their pictures were much more “posed” last time, but honestly, I prefer candids and this time, the shots were more along those lines.  Maybe they wouldn’t win them modeling contracts like the last round, but they certainly show their personalities better, and that’s totally cool with me.  My boys are so friggin’ handsome. Every time someone new walked into the studio today, they would tell the boys how cute, handsome, adorable, darling, and dashing they were.  They’re going to have huge egos when they grow up…  *sigh*

          Tonight DH and I are going to attempt to go on a date.  You know, the kind without your kids eating at the same table.  We haven’t done that in MONTHS, maybe longer…  Good times, good times.  We actually do love each other…  It’s just easier to see it when we’re not stressed out over money, my health, the boys and Mega’s apparent lack of interest in learning from me, and every other thing that comes with having a family together.  Now, maybe that sounds mean or selfish, but really…  Isn’t it always easier to love someone when that’s the only thing you have to worry about?