Did I ever tell you that other than my parent’s, I have never been in a wedding?  Well, next May I get to be matron of honor…  TWICE.  Nae is going to have myself and her sister – me as matron of honor, and her sister as maid of honor.  Another good friend of mine from high school is also going to let me be her matron of honor.  How much does that rock?  I’m going dress shopping tomorrow with the latter, as the former has already bought my dress.  She’s supposed to send pictures soon; she’s described it to me, I’ve just never seen it.  Both Nae and “Other High School Friend I Have Yet to Christen With A Blog Name” said they want me to have a dress that I will be able to wear again.  They’re stellar, huh? 

     I’m so excited ya’ll!  I mean really, as long as I get to be there when my bestests get hitched, it’s all good.  LRRH has 3 other sisters, so for real, I wouldn’t be hurt at all if I wasn’t part of her bridal party.  I just want to be there…

     Anywho, I was just about bursting at the seams, so I had to get it out!  Tomorrow I’ll make “OHSFIHYTCWABN” pick out her blog name…  And we’ll take pictures of the dresses we like and post ’em…  Maybe I’ll even let ya’ vote if we don’t just find one we totally fall in love with.  Off I go!  It’s Coast Guard Day, and we’re off to the Fair!


Support Search & Rescue…  GET LOST!!!


DH’s former Cutter on their previous UNITAS patrol.


DH’s former cutter…  Somewhere over the rainbow.


DH’s former cutter in the Caribbean.


DH’s former cutter…  The “No Land.”  The hardest working cutter in the fleet!