I’ve tried to teach my boys anatomically correct names for body parts.  You will not hear us say, “Stop playing with your pee pee.”  It’s not that I hold anything against parents like that, but for me, personally, proper names are easier and are more comfortable for me.  What was I thinking?

T-Rex was playing with his nipples.  He kept saying, “Chess.  Chess.”  I explained to him that the specific “parts” he was playing with were nipples.  “Nibbles.”  Exactly.

The next day (yesterday), I wore a shirt from NY&Co. with a beaded collar.  When I came in to get T-Rex up, he started fingering the beads.  “Nibbles.” 

“No, baby.  Beads.”

“Nibble beebs.”

Nipple beads.


“No, baby.  Beads.  Nipples are on the body.  Beads are on the shirt.”

“Ooohhh.  Beebs,” as he toys with my shirt.

As he lifts his own shirt, “Nibbles.”

“Exactly.  Glad we could clear this up.”