I am posting my final installment simply because I realized I could probably blog for a year about why I love this country.  Rather seem like a fanatic, I decided to post my final thoughts on why America kicks ass and be done with it.

One word: Freedom.

     It occurred to me last night during a meeting with my colleagues.  We were sitting on the restaurant’s patio and enjoying the food, company, and general setting.  We were talking, laughing, questioning, and having great discussions.  No one monitored us.  No one decided what we could and could not eat.  No one told us we were exposing too much flesh.  No one asked us to leave because of the subject matter of the majority of our conversations.  It was 4 women, out in public, doing as they pleased.  As I have been recently trying to broaden my cultural horizons, I think it is beginning to dawn on me just how miraculous and blissful that simple thing can be – freedom. 

         One of the things that amazes me the most is that people enlist in our nation’s defenses of their own free wills.  There are others, and great numbers of them, who also think this country is fan-damn-tastic and are willing to sacrifice time away from their families, higher paying civilian jobs, and countless other priceless things to serve and protect.  No one makes them enlist, or recruits them from their homes against their will.  Even given the choice, many Americans step up and proudly serve.

         The next time you think America is in trouble, remember that you can say that out loud, in cyberspace, or a highway billboard without fearing for your life.  The next time you think America is in trouble, talk to the family down the street who is praising the government for the extra boost that food stamps provides, even when the economy isn’t doing too well.  The next time you think America is in trouble…  Remember that it could always be worse, and that there are always men and women making the choice to fight for this country in its present state of greatness, and to make it even better.