America rocks because even when someone is caught with a smoking gun, they receieve a trial.  The burden of proof rests not on the accused, but the party bringing the accusations to court (either the state or whoever was personally wronged, etc.).  Even if an officer of the law walks in as you stab your husband in a jealous rage, you still get a chance to defend yourself.  America kicks ass because you are not guilty until proven innocent, but vice versa.

‘Unfathomable’ End for Pregnant Victim




PITTSBURGH (July 21) — Authorities say a slain pregnant woman may have been alive and was possibly drugged when a baby was ripped from her womb, allegedly by a woman who tried to pass the infant off as her own.

The eviscerated body of 18-year-old Kia Johnson of McKeesport was found bound at the wrists and ankles with duct tape, and wrapped in a comforter and garbage bags.

Her partially decomposed remains were in the master bedroom of Andrea Curry-Demus, 38, who was charged Sunday with homicide, unlawful restraint and kidnapping, officials said.

Authorities said Curry-Demus, who served prison time in the 1990s for snatching a 3-week-old baby girl from a hospital, took the baby boy to a Pittsburgh hospital and claimed that it was her own.

Authorities said Johnson was 36 weeks pregnant. Allegheny County Police Superintendent Charles Moffatt said a “very sharp instrument” was used to cut open her belly.


That sounds pretty open and shut.  There’s a history of this specific behavior, the victim’s body was found in the suspect’s home, and the victim’s child was willingly taken to a public place by the suspect.  Despite all of these things, Curry-Demus will still go to trial.  She will not be taken immediately to a jail cell where she will rot.  Her previous conviction can be used only to establish a pattern, not as evidence that she is guilty.  The suspect is protected from certain things before and during the trial because you can’t treat someone like a criminal until you know, beyond reasonable doubt, that they are a criminal.


While some people may not think or feel that way, it’s still a pretty damn good system.  If you’re on a jury panel and a lawyer for either side finds you objectionable, you’re struck from the jury.  Your biases don’t get to effect a fair trial.  Since some people see someone they don’t like, need someone to blame, or just can’t look past their own feelings about the trial, the lawyers get a chance to eliminate you.  Stellar!


While I in no way feel we have a perfect justice sysem, I do think this aspect is, for the most part, pretty awesome.  If someone is pretty sure they saw me knock off an ATM, the rest of the evidence has to support that.  You have to be able to prove that I was there through finger printing, hair or fiber, DNA, other witness corroboration, etc.  One person who “saw” me isn’t enough.  While that may create a window of opportunity for a very few slick criminals, for the vast majority, it helps ensure that people are not falsely convicted, or let free when they are truly guilty.


I love America because I believe that our justice system is pretty damn spot on.  While some of our laws need to catch up with technology, or be up-dated period, for the most part, you will get what is coming to you.