In case you were wondering how I got to part 3 without part two…  I offer you, the missing link!

Since this is the FOURTH time I have tried to post this, you get the not-so-great version, but the point remains the same.

I love American capitalism.

I love that the consumers themselves, primarily, drive the market.  No one says that Coke has to be the only refreshment I may enjoy.  No one will tell me that only Guess jeans may adorn my behind.  No one says I must drive a Dodge.  I have options.  I, with my meager earnings, can help shape the market and give rise to competitors.  I can, with my meager buying power and consumer feedback, show manufacturers that a newer, better product is needed.  I can not only demand excellence in the products I buy, but refuse to support inferior products by simply not purchasing them. 

While there are drawbacks, I am glad that our government doesn’t step in and say, “You know Pepsi, people really prefer Coke, so why don’t you just step aside and never do business here again?  Okay, that’s great.  Have a nice day!”  I can buy pretty much whatever I want from whomever I want.  Pretty rad.