Yesterday’s party was a smash.  There were people here until about 4 in the morning.  Hee hee…  It rained, but it didn’t really get going until around 7:30 PM when we were all more or less ready to come in the house anyway.  Before that, it sprinkled a few times, but we had a nice, big canopy set up to protect the food and the babes.

          We had a good turnout.  I had fun, the kids and DH had a blast, and I hope our guests enjoyed themselves.  I think the only ones who didn’t enjoy themselves were the kitties.  Well, Fox and Skinner had a great time exploring their new digs, but CJ is not a happy camper.  She hisses and “growls” when she sees them, but I think she’s already starting to soften.  The kitties were playing at my feet this morning, and she sort of tip-toed really close.  As soon as they saw her, she started hissing and ran away.  I think she’d have joined in the playing if they hadn’t made eye contact.  She’s just trying to maintain her tough exterior, but I give it a week before she’ll be chasing them all over the house and they’re all breaking stuff as they terrorize our furniture and feet. 

          I’m glad so many people came out.  It was awesome just to kick it with some folks.  Don’t get me wrong, the presents were freaking phenomenal, too (THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!!!), but the presence was even better!  Since we’re too poor for regular parties now, maybe we’ll just make this an annual event…