I just had a slice of cheese.  It was regular, Kraft Sharp Cheddar, but it was the best damn cheese I’ve ever tasted, hands down.  OMG it was DIVINE.  *sigh*  I think until I know for sure that I am truly allergic to milk protein as well, I may allow myself a few slips here and there.  Not even one per day, but maybe cheese or yogurt 2-3 times per week.  If it comes back that I am also intolerant of milk protein (caseine), then I will steer clear 100%. 

     Damn that cheese was good!

     And BTW, the syrups at Starbuck’s ARE gluten-free, but some flavors contain nuts, which kicks them out of the running for others will allergies.  BUT WOOT for me ’cause now I can keep having Starbuck’s and the stuff that’s left as “safe” for me is cheaper than those damn addicting Frappuccino thingies anyway!