A while back, I posted about a couple involved in a slavery case.  The sentence had been handed down for the female counterpart – 11 years in prison.

“Varsha Sabhnani, 46, was convicted with her husband in December on a 12-count federal indictment that included forced labor, conspiracy, involuntary servitude and harboring aliens.

The trial provided a glimpse into a growing U.S. problem of domestic workers exploited in slave-like conditions.

The victims testified that they were beaten with brooms and umbrellas, slashed with knives, and forced to climb stairs and take freezing showers as punishment. One victim was forced to eat dozens of chili peppers against her will, and then was forced to eat her own vomit when she couldn’t keep the peppers down, prosecutors said.

U.S. District Judge Arthur Spatt called the testimony ‘eye-opening, to say the least – that things like that go on in our country.'”