Warning: This post contains poop and stretch marks references.  Those who are easily grossed out or offended, don't bother reading the extended post!

          It’s Day 7 – the official week mark for this whack-ass GFCF Diet.  Fully clothed, bare-footed, with a scrunchie in my hair, I tipped the scales at 145 this morning.  I kept thinking the flattening of the gut was in my head, but those size 8’s just slid on the other day, and that has not happened in quite a while.  Even my stretch marks are slightly less noticeable! 

      I am still pretty nauseated, and I’m dizzy a lot, but I’m not throwing up (yet) today, so that’s another positive note.  I’m most excited by the ultra-fast deflation of the mommy-tummy.  It’s still there, but not nearly as…  um…  inflated? as before.  It used to be pretty firm and uncomfortable, and now it’s softer, flatter, and a lot less uncomfortable.  It’s amazing what kind of relief you can get just by pooping more than twice a week, huh? 


          I didn’t know just how uncomfortable poop made me until now.  I just figured I was fat, had issues with blood sugar and digestion, but that my stomach troubles had nothing to do with not pooping.  I took laxatives for FOUR MONTHS STRAIGHT for crying out loud.  I thought if I ever had a problem pooping, that would have done the trick.  Even then, I was never more than once every other day, and with 2 laxatives a day, even that was rare.  Now, without laxatives, I get the same or better results just because I cut the shit that was poisoning me.  Who would have thought?  HA!


          *sigh*  I actually have a waist line again, ya’ll.  I knew there was one buried under the pudge, but I am relieved to know that all this time, there really wasn’t anything I was doing wrong aside from eating wheat.  If you had told me that years ago, I never would have gotten this big, nor felt this bad about myself.  Now that I know what’s been making me sick, it’s like this huge weight has been lifted and while I still feel partially responsible, I don’t feel like I’ve just been a lazy slob all this time who brought the extra 40 pounds on herself, you know?  This diet might suck, but the results are worth it.  I just have to keep reminding myself of that when I have nights like last night when all I could think about was pudding.