Actually, the catastrophe started last night, to be completely fair.  Apparently, this diet really is exactly what I need – the proof is in the puke.  People who don't need this diet tend to have no reaction.  A few cases react very strongly, which of course, would include yours truly.  I started vomiting and convulsing last night.  I don't remember most of it, but DH was and he was pretty scared, which is understandable.  I talked to the doctor today and she explained it for me.  Basically, when you have all that undigested protein and wheat material in your gut, it's like a constant feast for bacteria.  When you get rid of all of that, the bacteria die off and your body starts to flush it out.  When it's done all at once (which it was since I went cold turkey!), it can be very taxing on your liver and other bodily systems.  In other words, my body is doing what it needs to do to free itself of more bad stuff, but it's going to suck before it gets totally better.  Just knowing I had enough bacteria in my body to make me this sick makes me very glad it's getting the boot.  I feel horrible…  Hot chills one minute, then cold sweats the next.  My stomach has been this tight, queasy little ball all day.  My head is spinning half the time, and only seems to ease up when I focus on something (like the monitor or TV).  If I try to lay down, forget it!  It's like activating an instant up-chuck reflex.  We won't even talk about the other stuff…  *shudder*

     It's always darkest just before dawn, right?  The doc said this shouldn't last more than 2-3 days.  If it does, I am to carry my rear end directly to the ER – do no pass go, do not collect $200.  If it continues, it could indicate that my liver is not tolerating all of these toxins, and since my liver is already under duress, I will definitely be paying close attention to make sure it doesn't just give up on me.  Now that I'm actually getting better, I need all my organs, dammit!

     I may very well take a Phenergan tonight.  Maybe it will add more stress to my liver and just prolong the time until I spew again elimination process, but I need sleep.  Since I can't lay down without feeling what little I have managed to eat rise in my throat, it may be my only option. 

     Note to self: Tie hair back before going to bed.