Have I mentioned how much I love the innernetz lately?  While in my, "I can't have that damn angel food cake!" funk yesterday, I started Googling.  Doesn't that sound dirty when you turn it into a verb?  Sorry – Detour.  Anywho, I started looking for cakes and sweets that were gluten and caseine free, only to discover that 1.) There are more people who blog about this than I would have imagined, and 2.) I still don't even have half the things I need to really make gluten-free goodies.  I have the things I need to survive – veggies, meats, fruits, and water, but nothing to add any spark.  I have some various non-wheat flours, but I didn't even know I'd need potato starch.  I have potato flour, but not the starch.  I have tapioca – something that has never even been in my house, but still, don't have the makin's of a cake.  I'm doomed, ya'll.

  • Chowed down on tater tots last night because all I wanted was some potatoes.  Probably not a smart carb choice, especially since I went well over the serving amount, but dammit, it made me feel better!
  • Woke up feeling like a bundle of live wires.  My entire body hurts and every joint feels like it's throbbing, but none are swollen, red, or warm to the touch, so short of taking an anti-inflammatory for the pain, I can't do anything. 
  • I'm starving (11:48 AM), but have no appetite.  Again, I know it's the "You only want what you can't have," thing, and yes, I only want some f*cking biscuits!  Or pancakes!  I have GFCF pancake mix, but no eggs in the house to make them with.  When DH goes to the boat to get all his final crap signed off, I will make him get eggs.  I need eggs!
  • Today I feel like The Turbo B*tch.  I don't feel good, I can't eat, my body hurts, and DH is tied up with the kids, so I'm all alone…  More or less.  This blows.
  • I just noticed (8:37 PM) that each day I've written "GFCF" differently in my subject line.
  • I want some ice cream…  And I still want that biscuit!