• Starting weight: 155 to 162, depending on which scale I stand on.  155 at home = 162 at the doc's office.
  • 11:08 AM – I woke up this morning feeling like my stomach was trying to turn in on itself, and my head was pounding.  I tried to drink the meal replacement shake with my 12 pills, but it's gritty and what they consider vanilla flavored, isn't what I would consider vanilla.  I put it in a blender with some ice and chocolate syrup (thankfully, I can still have that, just not much of it because of its sugar content) and it was somewhat bearable.  I feel ravenous, though… 
  • 4:37 PM – Head still pounding.  After shake, had some rice farina, which is supposed to be like Cream of Wheat.  On taste, it's almost spot-on, but the texture is off.  I added some maple syrup and raisins and it wasn't so bad, but the additions put me well over on carbs…  The thing I liked most was that I actually felt comfortably full after eating less than a whole serving.  Imagine that!  Am now eating a half serving of peanut butter to tide me over until dinner.
  • 4:48 PM – Stole the little mood cartoons from Unstable.  Hee hee.
  • Rest of the day: Pigged out with family and my LRRH.  Had a daquiri, but stopped there because of the carb count.  Watched "Waiting" and laughed my ass off, so felt that maybe another daquiri had been earned, but skipped it anyway.