Baby Bear will be 2 next month…  2…  He has decided within the last week that he is going to potty train himself.  I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not.  He's gone 2 consecutive days without pooping in his diaper.  Pee is a bit harder for him – he tells us, but usually as we're taking the diaper off, it gets really warm…  *shrug*  I can't believe it…  I've said that he can keep his binky as long as he wants if he's potty trained before his second birthday.  He only uses it in his bed, so it's not a big deal to me.  Besides…  Without a diaper on, it's the only thing left to make him look like a baby instead of a little boy…  Potty training!  POTTY TRAINING!  He's not even two yet!!!

     Can you tell I am struggling with my babies growing up?  I just gave the boys hair cuts again, and I wanted to cut Bear's a bit shorter, but then realized that he might lose his curls, so I didn't do it.  Mega's hair has been in a typical little boy cut for a while now, but I think he was easier because the very first time I cut his hair, his curls were GONE and didn't come back.  Baby Bear has had probably 4-5 hair cuts, and has kept his curls each time.  Where Mega has coarse, reddish blonde, crimpy-like hair, Bear has sandy blonde, curly little locks.  Bear's hair is still very fine, too…

          Do they really have to grow up?  Really?