I'm back!  I have returned from my mental retreat, as well as my actual retreat.  DH, the boys, and I spent the last few days out of town with family.  We swam in the river, toured 3 wineries (without the babes), and DH and I even got away for a day to a theme park.  I have discovered that I still hold my breath on roller coasters because it's easier than screaming.  I almost pass out after each ride, but at least I don't wimp out!

     Anyway, I am back…  With a slightly different view on many, many things.  Some are more positive, but most are not.  I'm not jaded, but realistic.  I think I've said that somewhere in here before…  Either way, the walls are definitely back in full effect, but with other adjustments to allow for some interaction.  I am working on a project to get a new stable routine for the boys.  With the lack of playgroups, it will be a challenge for me to find them regular playmates.  It will also be a challenge for me, since I don't work outside the home, to find "friends" for myself…  That part scares me.  I felt safe with the last bunch and that, obviously, didn't work out.  I think I may have to learn to be better at being alone and finding enough interaction during playgroups alone.  With one best friend living across the country, and the other gearing up to move out of the state, I know I will be very isolated and one way or another, I have to be okay with that.

          Do you think video game addiction would be a good outlet?  Meh…  I'm sure I will figure something out.