Man, oh man.  I really need to start reading book descriptions before I think it's something I simply must read, or that am missing out on by not reading.  I loved Cat's Cradle.  Loved it.  I can't exactly explain why, but I've read it at least 3 times now, and for me, that's unusual.  I was expecting that Vonnegut would keept me rapt again, but I labored through this book.  For one thing, the jumps in time always kill me.  I always have a hard time with books that aren't read in chronological fashion. When clearly labeled, (April, 1944 from May 1987), I follow a bit more easily, but for some reason, despite an awesome reading comprehension level, time-jumps always flub-me up.  At any rate, that was just one of the things I didn't like.

          I felt as though the book started and ended nowhere.  It was like watching the middle of a movie only.  I didn't change how I felt about the narrator because I didn't really feel anything for him at all.  If there was any character development, I missed it.  I'm only slightly intrigued by one thing: was he truly crazy, or was he really abducted by Tralfamadorians?  Were we supposed to believe he'd gone mad, or was this supposed to be a work of science fiction in which the main character truly is abducted and observed by an alien race?

        The book rated 3 out of 5 stars because it had one redeeming factor: it's ideas about time.  I liked the explanation of time the narrator received on Tralfamadore.  Oddly enough, had I read the book before Gram's death, I might have even found a small bit of solace in the idea that somewhere, and by somewhere I mean a place with no religious affiliations, Gram is alive and always will be.  It is only here that she is no more.  

          Perhaps I have chosen laborious reads as of late to force myself to become immersed in things outside the chaos of my own real life.  It's easier to focus on a work of fiction than the fact that food makes me feel physically ill, and because I have now come to associate food with a feeling of disgust and general illness, I have avoided eating until I am ready to keel over, eating only what I have to in order to sustain myself.  Perhaps once things settle down – after I see the specialist, we're accustomed to having DH home again, etc. – I can resume reading things I find pleasurable, or just find pleasure in whatever I read.  Perhaps this Vonnegut work received a bad wrap.  If so,I apologize.  Then again, maybe I just hated the book after all.  :-)