So this is what it's like to actually have your spouse spend time with you!!  I don't mean that in a negative way at all – it's just that since DH and I got married, we've not spent time together like this.  He's home to help with yard work, the kids, household chores, party planning, events, and just an overall active participant in our daily lives.  It's pretty neat!  It's pretty handy, too…  Especially when I do silly things like forget to eat and then become a mommy-puddle on our bedroom floor.  Oops.  Remind me that not eating for 12 hours is dangerous for me, would'ya?  Apparently, I forget that just because I'm not hungry doesn't mean I can get away with not eating.  My bad.

          Anywho!  We've already gotten a lot done, and while there is plenty more to catch up on, we've still got plenty of time to get all the not-so-fun stuff done, while still spending family time together.  *smile*  Yippee!!! 

          Are you tired of us yet, DH?  Hee hee…