Do ya'll believe this weather?  For serious…  107 the day before yesterday, 100 yesterday, and it's supposed to be 101 today…  Followed by 99 degrees on Tuesday.  This isn't FloridaIt's not ArizonaIt's not even a gulf state!  WTF is going on here? Do you know how much my electric bill is gonna be?  Great googly moogly! 

I hate being hot.  I tried to help DH rake and bag more of the leaves (because despite my efforts, there are still more!), but it didn't work out too well.  That whole sweating thing just isn't for me.  It makes me head swim and I get all dizzy, like I'm gonna swoon, only not as much fun. 

In other news, we're kicking ass on Halo 3 now.  I have tremendous guilt about buying the 360, but really…  It's pretty damn fun, so I am sure I will get over it…  Soon.  Hee hee…

I'm melting!  MELTING!!!

Oh, and the password thing is out the window because half the time, I was locked out of my own blog.  It aggravated me too much to keep dealing with it.