We're hoping that we have discovered what makes me feel like crap so much of the time…  It's something so astonishingly simple that once I really thought about it, I wanted to smack myself.  A while back, it was suggested that I try the celiac diet because I felt like crap after eating.  We're not talking like ocassional upset stomach, but a general feeling of not-so-greatness after every meal.  I didn't stick to it, and chucked the idea out.  Now we're back to something very similar – wheat sensitivity.  I have an appointment with the specialist on the 19th.  They'll do some nifty new live-blood analysis to figure out what in the world is going on in my body that is making it turn on itself.  

       I'm totally hoping for a 2-for-1 deal.  Research suggests that people who were previously diagnosed as having bipolar syndrome are no longer considered such after starting a wheat and or gluten-free diet.  How's about that for a perk?!  I could feel better overall AND not be a crazy bitch!  OMG!  What would I do with myself?  I don't know that I would recognize me!  Squee!

     While trying not to count my chicks before they hatch, I am really hoping that this is it.  This whole being dizzy, light-headed, always exhausted but rarely able to sleep, not having an appetite or not being able to stop eating at all, and just general chaos in my body has got to stop!  I'd really like to have the kind of energy my kids have, and while I realize that may not happen even if I took speed, it would be nice to at least be able to keep up with them, rather than feeling like they are running circles around me all day long. 

          So!  If anyone has any good wheat-free recipes (especially for breads and pastas, which are my FAVORITE FOODS!!), please pass them along.  I am terrified that I will be so bored with eating that I will forget how horrible I feel and go back to my old, toxic ways.  Let's hope this is it, ya'll!