Thanks, Unstable!

 I will confess 5 things then pick 5 people that I want to post their confessions. They will post their 5 things and pick 5 people and so on and so on and so on (wasn’t this a shampoo commercial way back when?)

You can use whatever format you want but please let your 5 people know you chose them by going to their blog to comment or emailing them or whatever blows up your skirt.

Please link back to the person who chose you.

5 Confessions:

1) I'm not a gossip-whore, but I like to vent.  Having said that, I usually only vent to one person per incident.  When I vent, I don't "edit" my words and whatever I'm thinking, comes out.  After that, I am very careful what I say when I deal with the person in question.

2) I've cried my way out of more than one speeding ticket.

3) I think girls are more attractive, over all than guys.  Am I "one of the girls?"  Nope, I just think we're the fairer sex.  LOL

4) I hate my hair, and probably always will.  Just like my ankles, my thighs, and my funny-shaped face. 

5)  I like going to bars and clubs, but even more, I like coming home to my husband.  🙂

5 People I Nominate To Confesss:

1. Nae


3. Debbie

4. DH

5. Steph

Have fun!