I finished the book last night.  I must say, after I Am Legend, I wasn't hoping for much, but I was pleasantly surprised.  While still not what I might consider 'horror,' this did a much better job of shocking me.  I suppose some of that is due to my constant comparison to the Kevin Bacon movie, but still.  All in all, the only aspect that was the same was that Tim became a medium after being hypnotized and he winds up solving a murder.  The circumstances and the murder victim were completely different, and some other people wind up surprising you in the mean time. 

I did learn a new word while reading the book.  It showed up more than once and bugged the hell outta me, so I looked it up.  Inchoate.  Yeah, try to use that in a sentence today.

Anywho, it was a nice little 2-day read.  It took me longer than I had liked for a mere 200 pages, because I couldn't seem to get into a rhythm.  I have that problem a lot when I watch the movie first.  I can't help but read in the actor's voices instead of finding my own definitions of the character and I think that slows me down.  At any rate, Kevin Bacon worked, just maybe not as I would have thought.