Ya’ll I tried…  I couldn’t read this book.  It was physically painful.  I kept thinking, "If I could just get into its rythym, I’ll be fine." I expected a diary, yes, but a story.  I expected something more along the lines of Anne Frank and this is very terse (and I am firm believer in flow).  At the end of each little month or entries, the author steps in and gives us a fuller account after she adds in her research about the other people, etc.  I’m not a history fan.  I don’t like having to read the same things twice, which is essentially what you’re doing.  Without the author’s portion, it would be very hard to understand this "book," or take anything useful from it, so I am not taking that away from Thatcher.  However, I would have preferred a complete alteration in which the diary entries and author’s research were fused to form a more cohesive timeline and "story" as opposed to reading this choppy, poorly spelled (the author left the original spelling), mess.  Maybe I can come back to it, but for now, I am abandoning ship. 

         I am on to Stir of Echoes.  If it is anything like I Am Legend, it will be only the second book I have ever read that was worse than the movie.  I can’t and won’t give up on Matheson only because Stephen King said authors like him inspired him and I freaking love SK.  SK must have seen something, right?