If you're a member of a group and you don't like the things the group does, either leave the group or work to make the group better.  I understand it is sometimes easier to blend into the background and wait for change, but when the higher ups ask for your input, there will never be a better time to spring into the foregroung, you know?  The higher ups can only go with what they know and stellar as they may be, they still aren't mind readers.  I can't help you communicate with me if I don't know that looking at your face when you talk freaks you out.  I can't make it easier for you to attend group functions if I don't know that carpooling would help you.  I can bend over backwards only if I know what to reach for when I'm there.

          A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  How can I arrange an event for 50+ people to enjoy knowing that only 2 are working to make it happen and only 8 more plan to even come?  How can I include things that will capture your particular interests if I have no idea what those are?

         I love all the groups I am a member of.  If I didn't, I would leave the group and make room for someone who was willing to do the work to make the difference.  SPEAK UP PEOPLE!  Participation is a big friggin' deal!!!