WTF is SFS?  Shaking Friends Syndrome.  Sometimes I look at my friends and I just want to grab them and shake the living shit out of them.  What happens to people that makes them completely blind to the good things they have?  What happens to them that this good thing is almost literally sitting on their face and yet they choose to ignore it or push it away?  Now let's face the facts: I am notorious for pushing people away, but at least I acknowledge how much they mean to me.  I'm not so far gone that I can't even realize what I am trying to destroy!* 

          I used to think the cure for SFS was persistence: that if you stood by that person long enough, gently trying to corral them into the right direction, or lead them into the fold, they would eventually realize you weren't armed with poisonous darts and would allow themselves to be led, or just figure it out and go along willingly.  Lately though, it seems as though these friends just bolt.  Rather than handle it like a grown up (heh, pushing and shoving my friends away is totally grown up, right?), they run.  They make up little things to make running look like a completely reasonable response to the situation and just haul ass in the opposite direction. WTF?

          For now, I shall just avoid these friends for fear that I may actually grab them and shake them, and maybe even add in a slap in to the face…  Don't be corralled!  See if I care!!!  It's your friggin' loss!!!

*So no, this whole post doesn't fall into the "pot calling the kettle black" category.  Bite me.