I read The Bean Trees about 5 years ago.  After reading Pigs, I want to read about the people that comprised Turtle’s biological family.  A good book works that way – gives you a good, complete story, but leaves you looking for more because the characters are real.

     The book was a bit predictable.  I mean, I knew Taylor couldn’t lose Turtle.  I didn’t know that Cash was part of her biological family, but I knew that she couldn’t lose Turtle, and I knew she wouldn’t give up on Jax.  In all fairness, maybe it wasn’t necessarily predictable, but it ended the way I wanted/hoped it would.

     I loved Taylor and Turtle.  I loved that Taylor wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows when things got tough – she did what most of us do and took it out on the people closest to her (which made her real).  I loved Turtle and just wanted to hug her and make her understand that she was finally safe. 

    I couldn’t quite get a good picture of Jax in my head.  I pictured a good friend of mine and then gave him Rhett Butler’s voice, but that didn’t quite sit right.  Anyway, he was really the only one I couldn’t get a good hold on, but I liked his character just the same.  I couldn’t picture a face, but he, the more complete person, was perfect for Taylor and Turtle.  Weird enough to put up with both of them without pushing them into the deep end, I guess you could say.

    I gave Gram a southern drawl and there was my Alice.  Perfect.

    At first, I felt completely indifferent about Annawake.  I thought she was just trying to keep her too-intelligent brain busy and that destroying a family was just what she thought would do the trick.  I loved that she turned around – seeing that just because she and her family were hurt by her brother’s adoption didn’t mean that every child was hurt in the same way.  I loved that the revelation of those things also helped her figure out more about herself.  I think she realized she had more in common with Taylor than she thought or would have liked to admit, but that the similarities weren’t necessarily a bad thing. 

   Really liked the book.  Didn’t love, but I think that was because I didn’t knock it out in 3 days like I usually do.  I felt like it took too long and was drawn out, but again, probably my fault for not reading fast enough.  4 out of 5 stars.